New Year’s Fireworks Celebration in Munich

I have been really impressed at the way that Germans celebrate the arrival of the New Year. Fireworks could be seen and heard all over the metro Munich area all afternoon, evening and night. At the stroke of midnight the explosions only increased. Fireworks can be bought here at the neighborhood grocery store. In North Carolina we talk about going to South Carolina to get boom boom fireworks. The Munich fireworks are like South Carolina Fireworks. Anyone and everyone is shooting off bottle rockets, firecrackers and much more. What a sight (and sound)!

I took these photos during our own fireworks program. To set the stage, it was VERY foggy and cold. The smoky look in my photos is not due to the lens fogging up. It was just plain fog, and add to that the smoke given off by each rocket exploding.

For my photographer friends, I did not have a tripod with me (after all I’m in Munich). The shots were ‘hand held’, ISO 100, f 16, 3 – 5 second exposure, Tungsten White Balance. Enjoy the shots. I’m calling it fireworks light painting.





The next two shots are of fireworks shot off in the nearby neighborhood.




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