Outer Banks Landmarks – My 500 mm lense

I went out this past weekend and took some photos across the Currituck Sound. I shot some Outer Banks landmarks. I found a couple of good places on mainland Currituck County to perch, set up my tripod, new lense, and shoot away.

Photos of Currituck lighthouse from approximately 5 miles away.

curr 02

curr 03

This one taken from approximately 7 miles away…

curr 06

Other Currituck sights from across the Sound

curr 07

curr 09

curr 10curr 11

curr 01

Duck Water Tower from approximately 5 – 7 miles

curr 14

Houses in Southern Shores along the Currituck Sound – 3 – 4 miles away

curr 19

curr 21

curr 23

curr 24

Wright Brothers Bridge from Currituck County to Dare County – from less than 3 miles

curr 25

curr 27

Other sights along the Currituck County side of the Currituck Sound…

curr 17

curr 16

My Mini Cooper

curr 28


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