Mendenhall Glacier Near Juneau, Alaska

It was mid afternoon on a Saturday in February and we walked approximately one half mile across the frozen Mendenhall Lake to see the beauty and awesomeness of the Mendenhall Glacier. An incredible sight for sure! I loved all the designs in the ice that reminded me of whipped cream. Plus the blue ice was unique and colorful. Enjoy the shots! The glacier is huge and apparently extends back 13 miles into the mountains.









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Eagle Beach, Alaska Sunset Photos (near Juneau)

So it was after 3 pm that we drove north of Juneau on the road along the coast. Beautiful views of the Inside Passage waterway and of  the Chilkat Mountain Range.

Here are photos I took of the different stages of sunlight as we got closer and closer to the sun actually setting (at approx 4:45 pm). What an incredibly beautiful place. Snow capped mountains on all sides, beautiful water. Peaceful, serene settings that provide a perfect place to slow down, reflect and breathe deeply. Enjoy!

The photos are in chronological order .




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Sparkling Snowy Views in Camden County

I took a late afternoon walk today and enjoyed the outdoors. I particularly like the way the sunlight hit the pristine snowy fields. Snow sparkles and ice patches made unique sights. The white of the snow and the bluish shadows made for some beautiful colors.

Plus I liked the way the soy beans and wild grass poked through the snowy field. I even saw a busy little bird looking for food not long before the sun set for the day. As you can see, one of my neighbors also had fun driving donuts in a nearby field. Enjoy the photos.








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Sunset on the Pasquotank River – Slush, Ice and Flowing Water

And so I bundled up and walked down to the Pasquotank River beach in my neighborhood. It was 23 degrees, and 3-5 inches of snow was on the ground.

I got to the river right at sunset and managed to take some photos of the sunset views as the colors changed quickly.

Usually the river waters splash along the bulkhead at the river’s edge. This week with the wind, snow, cold and stormy weather, the wind blew the river water out.  And so, the muddy, sandy river bottom was exposed. Slush and ice quickly formed in the shallow water. Out in the middle of the river, the water flowed. It was all quite a sight. Here are some photos of what I saw.








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Autumn Sights and Sunset in Camden, NC

The signs of autumn in coastal North Carolina are different from other parts of the USA. Here, the wind scatters plentiful fresh pine needles on our yard, and a rose bud blooms on our hearty bush.

I also went out for a drive in our county, on the early evening of November 1st looking for other signs of autumn. I found some ripe and ready soy bean fields plus harvested corn fields with new corn plants sprouting up.

One of the biggest perks of  autumn in our area is the brilliant red and orange sunsets that we get to view across vast expanses of water, or farmlands. I stopped at one of my favorite viewing points and captured some of those sunset shots, a long with a cool view of the nearby blimp hangar and the almost full moon. Enjoy!

autumn 02

autumn 06

autumn 07

hangar 01

hangar 08


karl autumn 04

moon 01

sunset 02

sunset 05

sunset 06


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Sunset After Glow in Camden, North Carolina

So this evening I went out with my camera to the edge of the Pasquotank River and was pleased to capture several shots of dusk; colorful sunset afterglow, airplanes, the moon and even fall leaves. Enjoy!










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Sunset in Northeast North Carolina

I was in my house getting ready to leave for a meeting in Elizabeth City. I happened to look out the window of my house and noticed the spectacular glow in the sky moments after sunset.

I grabbed my camera, jumped in my car and drove down to the Pasquotank River. I changed the settings on my camera so I could get the best sunset after glow shots possible. Here are some of my favorites.






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